Position for extra wide lenses
Position for extra wide lenses
8x10 / 10x10 Primer camera
Weight: 4,4 kg
Dimensions: 320x320 (377mm with knobs) x 145mm
Wood: Teak
Lensboard: 169x169x3mm
Removable, custom made bellows.
Bellows extension: 100 -720mm, (65mm, tilted base and standards for 25°)
Back: Interchangeable, 8x10  or 10x10, 360°
Tripod mount: 3/8” 1x and 1/4″ 3x
Holders: compatibility with all commercial and Zebra new standard 10x10
Mechanisms: aluminum
Price: 2800 EUR
Price for Individual customers in EU: 2800EUR + 22% VAT
Contact: peter@primer.si

Front Movements
Rise: 88 mm
Fall: 68 mm
Shift: +/- 35 mm
Swing: +/- 58°
Tilt forwards: 25°
Tilt backwards: limited by bellows

Rear Movements
Rise: none
Fall: none
Shift: none
Swing: +/- 10°
Tilt forwards: limited by bellows
Tilt backwards: 25°

Position for wide lenses
Position for wide lenses
Camera with 8x10 Zebra dual plate holder V2
Camera with 8x10 Zebra dual plate holder V2
Mehovke Primer Cameras
Primer d.o.o., Liparjeva cesta 7, 1234 Mengeš, Slovenia
+386 31 887 125

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